At the first Austrian-Slovenian High-Performance Computing meeting, we got the opportunity to present insights into the workflow of a currently ongoing meta-analysis of the black soldier fly microbiome and outlined some of the obstacles we encountered. With the increasing relevance of bioconverting agro-industrial by-products and organic wastes through insect farming, special emphasis should be put on microbial dynamics during rearing and in post-production wastes. The high diversity in sampling depth and analysis protocols across BSF microbiome studies motivated us to compile a comprehensive collection of available datasets to enable a streamlined analysis according to established protocols. The computational work was conducted using the HPC platforms of the University of Innsbruck and University of Ljubljana.

The research was supported by a COST action (CA18131) STSM grant.

The abstract booklet can be accessed here:


How high-performance computing brings our understanding of insect-based gut microbiomes to the next level. Klammsteiner, T., Insam, H., Murovec. B., Stres, B., 2021. Presented at the 1st Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting. 31.05.-02.06.2021