Our project proposal for the Top Citizen Science call of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) was approved at the board meeting on 7th of May 2018 (project number: TCS 48 Top Citizen Science)

The project running under the title “Six-legged Livestock: Rearing Black Soldier Fly on biowaste” has the aim to involve citizens in the process of academic research. In cooperation with the Spielraum FabLab we will organize workshops, especially for kids and young people, where they can build their own house-like rearing station for Black Soldier Fly larvae and grow them using biowaste as feed. In the course of the workshops, participants should get familiar with the biology of the fly and discover its potential as organic waste reducer and feed for live-stock. Since the developmental process of the larvae takes about three weeks, people will take their houses home and feed the larvae with a portion of their daily accumulating biowaste. Since each house comes with a precicion scale, we hope to get records and data about the type and amount of administered organic waste as well as the number and weight of fully grown larvae.